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Born and raised on Maui, Randalyn spent her formative years adventuring around the island. “My backyard as a kid growing up was ‘Iao Valley, and I was there almost every single weekend,” she says. With the recent birth of her first child, there’s a new generation with whom she can share the island’s natural beauty. “I’m basically an outdoorsy person, so we’re trying to incorporate more family picnics into our leisure time.”

Through her time spent exploring, Randalyn has fostered a spiritual connection with the island and has “always believed that Maui provides.” She believes spending time outside benefits one’s overall well-being, including mind, body, and spirit. “Being out in nature is like a form of therapy for me. And I get to socialize, connect with guests, and have a rainforest for an office.”

As a way to honor her connection to the island, Randalyn shares these three Hawaiian words with her guests: kuleana—being responsible with their own limitations and boundaries; malama—taking care of the land and each other on the tour; and that everybody in the van is part of a big ‘ohana (family). “No one’s going to get left behind or forgotten, and if you don’t know someone’s name, just call them ‘auntie,’ ‘uncle,’ or ‘cousin.’”

Guest quote: We absolutely loved our tour with Randalyn! She made the entire experience effortless. She was a wealth of knowledge, and a bright spot of sunshine. She truly cared for each and every one of us.

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