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Pali is our jungle girl. She grew up in a remote rainforest area of Maui where “we lived off the grid, and were barefoot all the time, exploring everywhere. I felt wild and free growing up.”

But by age 18, she wanted to see the world outside Maui. So she spent two college years in Vancouver, then bought a round-the-world ticket and took off. She returned, homesick, a year later. During her travels she worked in New Zealand, Australia, and Spain on a sheep farm, apple orchard, and cattle ranch, respectively.

Within no time the travel bug hit again, and she spent the next two years working as a bartender in Edinburgh, Scotland. “It seemed so magical and different—it’s so old, and I love the history, myths, and legends of the UK.” Until the gray skies, the cold, and rain sent her back to Maui and to Hike Maui. “I was a tourist for a long time myself, so I like showing visitors my island.”

Guest Quote: Our guide, Pali, was great. She was fun, sweet, and informative. We have two kids, and she was patient and playful with both of them. We had done hikes on the way to Hana before, but having a guide take us made the experience much more enjoyable. Thanks to Pali!