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He calls himself “Marko Polo.” Marko is an adventurer and a scientist, and has lived in Hawai‘i since 1979. He does service work for The Nature Conservancy, and was on the executive board of the local Sierra Club. With a degree in marine biology from UC Berkeley, Marko spent seven years teaching high school biology and environmental science. But the adventurer kept resurfacing to take him across the globe: crewing for a year around Africa on an oil supply vessel, exploring Asia, researching plants in the Amazon. He also worked for seven years as a firefighter, performing land and sea rescues.

He was with us full time for years, then felt a need to go back to his first love—teaching science to kids. Often accused of being a big kid himself, Marko will leap off any and all rocks and waterfalls. He’ll let you come out and play with him on weekends and summers when he’s not in school.

Guest quote: I would like to thank Marko Polo for the best excursion! My husband and I had a great time on the hike. My favorite part of the hike was swimming in each waterfall we went to. I even have pictures of me jumping in! Thank you for such a memorable experience.

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