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Gail has the heart of a hiker and the soul of a gypsy. Her wanderlust led her to hike Spain’s Camino de Santiago solo four years in a row, and the Pacific Crest Trail the summer of 2015. “I have roughly three thousand miles under my feet,” she says.

An avid yogist, Gail’s passion for that avocation is what initially brought her to Maui. “I Googled ‘yoga teacher training in tropical locations,’ and the only search result in the entire United States was for a school here on Maui.” A serendipitous introduction at a restaurant to one of our guides piqued her interest into turning her love for hiking into a profession. When we found out about Gail’s history of outdoor adventures that, along with her sparkling personality, made hiring her a no-brainer.

Watching guests experience a transformation on her hiking tours is what Gail enjoys most about guiding for us. “In the morning, they’re strangers; during the hike they have fun swimming together in the waterfall pools; at the end they’re hugging goodbye.”

Guest quote: The hike was spectacularly beautiful, but Gail made it amazing! We would follow Gail anytime, anywhere.

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