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Venezuela-born Enrique knew from the time he was four years old he would someday move to the United States. “When I told my mother, she just laughed,” he recalls. But when he was 11, that dream came true when he and his family relocated to Florida.

Fast forward to the year 2000 when Enrique again set his sights on relocating—this time to Maui. “My brother had visited O‘ahu,” he explains. “He sent me a postcard on which he wrote ‘When you come to Hawai‘i, you’ll never want to leave.’ I’d never been to Maui, but so many things kept pointing me in this direction. I even met a dog named Maui years before I moved here.”

Although it took a long time, Enrique finally arrived on Maui in 2013. Since then, he’s worked in a wide variety of positions. “I have a very eclectic approach to life,” he says. “When something inspires me, I go for it and dive right in.” Like he did when becoming a Hike Maui guide.

Enrique particularly enjoys connecting with people from around the globe, and introducing them to nature, the Hawaiian Islands, and our host culture. “For me, it’s all about seeing their smiles, the spark in their eyes, their ‘aha’ moments. They’re the ones who make the tour fun. Without them, I wouldn’t have this incredible opportunity.”

Guest quote: Our guide Enrique was just amazing! He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the forest, without sounding like a know-it-all. And he has such a reverence and curiosity for the outdoors that he made it seem like he was discovering something new right along with us.

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