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“Is she always this enthusiastic?” one guest asked. Yes she is! Dawn loves to talk, loves to laugh, loves to share, loves to teach. And she wants you to have fun. “It’s exciting teaching my guests about Maui while being surrounded by nature. And I’m thrilled to watch them jump from waterfalls—they’re so excited, but a little scared at the same time.

“Honestly, this is the best job I’ve ever had. As guides, we’re always looking for new things to share with our guests, and being outdoors makes me happy.” Before guiding, Dawn was a professional hula dancer, part-time teacher, and coach for cross-country running, basketball, and soccer.

“I coached because of my son, Brannon, and because I love seeing kids improve. Brannon’s my passion. He’s a smart kid and a really good boy, and he’s interested in the same outdoor activities as I am.”

Dawn was raised in the country on Maui in an old plantation-style home. “We farmed the land: sweet potatoes, kalo, bananas. And we were always down at the ocean. We were taught to fish and throw nets. We grew up Hawaiian style.”

Guest Quote: Dawn is full of life, and so entertaining and energetic! We tasted fruit from the forest that she picked just for us. That was the highlight of the hike—plus swimming in the waterfall pools!