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5 Reasons to Add Hiking on Maui to Your Bucket List

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 Maui’s trails are lined with tasty wonders—from the purple vervain plant that tastes like a mushroom to the wild lilikoʻi (passionfruit) that strikes an addictive balance of sweet and tangy.

Of course, you have to know what you’re looking for. Before you begin nibbling on every leafy green you see, consult with an expert who is familiar with the local landscape.

Ahem, not to brag or anything, but . . . Hike Maui’s guides are pretty darn smart when it comes to discerning the edible from the ewww. In fact, sampling the occasional wild plant is a highlight for many guests!


Worried about venomous snakes, barbarian reptiles or deadly spiders? Don’t be!

Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to hear that Maui’s wildlife is relatively benign. There are no predators like bears or harmful plants such as poison ivy, so exploring the great outdoors here is a pleasant experience.


“Which way to the waterfall?!”

It’s a common question here on Maui. The good news: Maui is home to a wealth of spectacular waterfalls. The bad news: Many are inaccessible or unreachable by foot.

More good news: Fellow waterfall fanatics will be right at home with Hike Maui . . .


4. YEARROUND HIKING a large mountain in the background

When’s the best time to go hiking on Maui? Any time! Seriously.

While Maui is famous for its year-round pleasant weather, we do experience rain every so often. But here’s a little secret: Rainy days are some of the best days for hiking!

The rain can reveal a side of the forest that you won’t see otherwise. Greens become greener . . . scents become sweeter . . . and the natural world seems to burst to life when the rain starts falling.


5. VARIED LANDSCAPES a tree with a mountain in the desert a man standing in front of a mountain

 Hiking on Maui is all about diversity.

Here you can experience an otherworldly volcanic landscape some 10,000+ above sea level on one day, then find yourself splashing in a waterfall-fed pool the very next.

No two hikes on Maui are alike, which is why we love exploring the island’s trails. We’re pretty sure you’ll be just as smitten.

So bust out that bucket list and add “Hike on Maui!” to the top. You won’t regret it.

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