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When Michael moved to Hawai’i from Colorado six years ago to live off-grid in the backcountry, his intention was to work outdoors and utilize his knowledge of environmental engineering. “Having the jungle as my Hike Maui office is a really good fit for who I am as a person,” he says.

On his hiking tours, Michael encourages his guests to face their fears. “I see a lot of people really open up and take a nice plunge into the water.” He also likes to instill a sense of respect. “We’re in someone else’s home, and need to respect the ‘aina (land), culture, and everyone who was here before us.”

In his free time, Michael likes to “hit up the ocean and have some good beach time.” His favorite pastimes are water activities like swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. He also enjoys hiking in the woods and skateboarding.

Guest quote: Our guide Michael was awesome! He made the trip an experience, not just a hike. He truly engaged our group with his knowledge of plants and local traditions. And he added a comfortable level of friendship beyond any guide we’ve ever met.

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