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About Brian

“I love being a ‘ginger!’” declares Brian, our resident redhead. “There aren’t too many of us around here, so I think it’s important to embrace it.”

Armed with a biology degree from Sonoma State University, Brian arrived on Maui in 2012 to participate in humpback whale and dolphin research. Now at Hike Maui, having a biology degree helps him explain forces of nature to guests on his tours, like why the kapok tree is one of the tallest in the rainforest. “A hollow tree like the kapok doesn’t have to use energy building its core, so it can grow taller more quickly than other types of trees.” During his off time, Brian derives pleasure from tending his vegetable and herb garden, and using the bounty to prepare creative, tasty dishes.

Brian also likes hanging out with his fellow guides, many of whom are lifelong Maui residents. “They help me keep my finger on the pulse of Hawai‘i,” he says.

Guest Quote: Brian was an excellent guide. Of all of the tours we did on our Maui vacation, he stood out as both knowledgeable and personable. He connected very well across all ages and backgrounds.

a close up of a book
a close up of a book
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