haleakala crater molokini craterGood day, Maui lovers.  Today, Hike Maui World HQ is encouraging you to vote early (but not often) on a completely different matter.  If you’re up for taking a short vacation from political pageantry and the seriousness of the election year, welcome to this month’s survey, where we ask you, The Internet, to weigh in on a variety of tropical topics. (And we won’t even call you at dinner time to ask if you’ve voted.)

We’re calling our inaugural poll CRATER vs. CRATER, which will reveal–once and for all–the answer to the question:

Which do you prefer–

The wild, high-altitude majesty of Haleakala? (Which is technically not really a crater, but it’s close enough for us.) Or;
The seaside crescent of epic snorkelitude known as Molokini?

Folks, this is going to be a nail biter.

Bonus points for sharing your story about why you picked one over the other in today’s ground-breaking poll.  Look for next month’s poll, where we ask you to make other impossible choices that will make absolutely no impact on US or world history.  Thanks for having some fun with us today.

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