For years, we’ve worked with local kids, teaching them about their ‘aina (land). This spring, our guides, Hannah and Ray, brought two vanloads of teens from the island of Lana’i to work with Maui elders in a seaweed project. These older Hawaiian women teach the youngsters how to replant limu (seaweed) in ocean areas where it is over picked or destroyed. They were restoring ocean reefs near Kanaha and Lahaina.

“Big surf had knocked all the limu off the reef,” Guide Ray said. “So we tied the limu to broken pieces of coral and ‘replanted’ it with the hope it will establish a hold fast. Limu sends out spores similar to a fern, so pieces can establish a little limu forest. I’ve done reforestation on land, so it was similar. Very interesting how similar.”

Hannah in middle

Guide Hannah (in middle) with Hawaiian elders


Ray working with limu

HM guide Ray working with limu