When booking a trip, guests usually ask us what they should wear and bring with them for their hike.

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The answer depends on the trip they’re taking (ask us for specifics), the good news being that taking a hike with us doesn’t mean packing a lot of extra, heavy stuff into your suitcase.   But if you are still making lists of what to bring for your next visit, and are getting your things ready, there is one–perhaps surprising–item to include along with your swimsuits and sunscreen:

A re-usable bag.

In January of 2011, Maui County passed the plastic bag reduction ordinance in response to the devastating effects plastic bags have exacted on Hawaii’s delicate ecosystem. Plastic bags have been banned at all island store checkout locations and restaurants, which means that, unless you buy a re-usable cloth or synthetic bag on-site, the best scenario is paper–which carries its own set of environmental consequences. Most visitors will likely make at least one stop to one kind of retail site or another during their stay; save yourself the paper cuts and “bag bottom malfunction” I see at store parking lots every day, and come prepared for the now statewide BYOBag metamorphosis.

You won’t need a bag for your hike–we provide you with a day pack during the hike for your food and other items–but you’ll be glad you have one at your next farmer’s market, roadside stand, mall, drug store or grocery stop.

Bonus pro tip:  Hiking to Haleakala, where the climate is much cooler?  Order a hoodie or jacket from the Hike Maui satellite store and have it shipped to your resort or to our office instead of packing it.  Call us at 866-324-MAUI (6284) or 808-879-5270 or email hike@hikemaui.com to make arrangements for getting your items to your hiking guide, or call your resort about receiving a shipment before you arrive. Allow extra time for your order’s transit to Hawaii.

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Once you’ve had your fun, and you want to feel like a rock star on your last day in town, give a bag away to someone on their way into a store.  But take one home with you to remember the wild, plastic bag-free places you experienced during your visit.  Mahalo for being a part of the magic of Maui.