Those of you who are familiar with cold climate recreation are likely just as fond of what happens after a full day (or maybe just an hour or two) of skiing as with the skiing itself.  This kind of recreation after the recreation is known to most as aprèsski.  French for “after skiing,” we here in the tropics are no strangers to the international language of keeping a day’s enjoyment to a maximum, thus we’d like to introduce to you some ideas for après-hike–which we know is far from proper French, but who’s counting?

Are You Feeling Invincible?

After taking a guided adventure through Maui’s wild rainforests, and maybe after having done something they never imaged they would ever do–like jump from a rock wall into the sparkling, natural pool of a waterfall–people tell us they feel like they can do anything.  “I didn’t think I could hike that kind of terrain,” wrote one guest, “but our guide made sure I made it, and I can’t believe I even jumped into the waterfall pool. With his help I can say I’m proud of myself!”

This might be our favorite kind of story, because it embodies the spirit of the best kind of vacation: Safe and exciting; satisfying and good-for-you; story-worthy and life-affirming.  But what to do afterward, while you’re resting up and hatching your plan for world domination?

That’s easy: Karaoke.  There’s nothing like getting up in front of a room full of strangers for a heartfelt, off-key rendition of “It’s Raining Men” to affirm that you are, in island parlance, “No ka oi.”  Check the local papers for who offers karaoke nights on Maui.  Maui Now   Maui News  The Wrap  Maui Time

Hike Maui Office cat with beverage

He doesn’t speak French, but Olu’olu, aka OFFICE CAT, enjoys the feline equivalent of après-hike. His friend, Toonces, has promised to drive him home.

Are You Feeling Tired?

After a full day of discovering the glory of Maui’s nooks and crannies, you might feel like a wet noodle.  No matter the weather, you’ve seen and done a lot on a Hike Maui excursion–it’s literally a jungle out there.  This is especially true if you’ve taken the full-day Hana adventure, the Haleakala Crater tour or the Kayak/Snorkel/Hike hybrid.  The variables in elevation, weather and activity can leave you ready for a sunset cruise with the Sandman.

“After a long day at work,” said one hiking guest,  “I’m usually mentally and physically exhausted, but after my trip to Hana and back, it’s the best, most satisfying tired feeling I’ve ever had. It was totally worth it!”  We call this kind of difference between work-tired vs. play-tired, “Are you there job? It’s me, Maui.”

If you’re feeling like taking it easy until bedtime, Maui offers some of the best star-gazing in the world.  And you don’t need much more than dark surroundings, a reclining chair and a set of sleepy peepers.  Check out EarthSky or Maui’s own Haleakala Observatory for what’s happening in the sky during your visit.  If you’re visiting this winter, we recommend catching the meteor show that’s predicted to take place in December, 2012.  This last shower of the year is supposed to be a celestial “best of.”  Between that and whale season, you’ll probably have stories to tell until your next visit to Maui.

Are You Feeling Blue About Leaving?

Join the club!  Plenty of our guests join us for a hike the day of or the day before their departure.  They tell us there’s no better way to bring a Maui vacation to a close than taking a Short Waterfalls Walk or an East Maui Waterfalls and Rainforest Hike.  But what to do afterward, besides get on a plane and wait for the OK to turn on your electronic devices?  Outside of planning your next visit, the saying “Leave only footprints and take only photographs” reminds us that you can spend all kinds of time loading and organizing your photos onto your laptop, deciding which ones you’ll print, and reminiscing about your time on Maui.

If you’re into the whole social media sharing thing, we always love it when guests, also known as “Hike Maui Alumni” post their photos to our Facebook page.  It’s a great way to share your aloha with other Maui lovers and the uninitiated alike.