For those who read the May 20th post about our hand-fed “dumpster” kittens, all four found great homes. Well, of course we had to keep one ourselves — a feisty girl named “Io.” That means “hawk” in Hawaiian, but, actually, we named her after one of the moons of Jupiter, which, with 400-some active volcanoes, is the most volcanic sphere in the Solar System (or so they say). My. She is aptly named –a volcanically active little girl who now runs our personal Solar System in Kula, Maui.

Io, our sweet, but crazed kitten.

Io always loved bottle time.












Our girl in a rare quiet moment.

The two black boys went to friend Devi who has a matching black pug dog who fell in love with his little boy kittens. The boys are ‘Opihi (named after a black Hawaiian limpet –a delicacy here) and Po (meaning the great unknown or darkness).

The other girl (Emma) lives with Venezuelan friend Raama and her 8-year old daughter Lea who was so excited to have a kitten.

Opihi, always the more secure, easy-going boy.


Po, the neediest Mama's boy, always first to eat.











Emma with the sad eyes and easy disposition.

It was kitten season on Maui, meaning the Humane Society had a couple hundred kittens waiting for homes, so our four are lucky cats. Having been bottle fed, they cuddly and at ease with humans.