Little Boy Black

Tiny boy learning to suckle a bottle.

April 29th – found four tiny kittens near Hike Maui’s dumpster. It’s a hot area, so we don’t know how they survived. They were dehydrated, crying and dying. Their eyes not yet open, their hearing not yet working, they were like little squirming worms. Two brown girls and two black boys. They showed no trace of umbilical cords, so we know they are slightly older than new born, probably 5 to 8 days old. They took to kitty formula immediately, and sunk into a deep baby sleep. It has been fun watching them develop. It’s now May 20th and they have started playing with each other. . . still clumsy, but clearly aware of each other. Not eating on their own yet. Not using litter. But both will come soon.

Tiny kittens found near Hike Maui

Tiny kittens stretching their full bellies.