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About Steven

“I love getting people outside their comfort zone,” Steven declares proudly. For some it means sampling an edible flower foraged during a hike, for others it’s leaping off a waterfall, and in some cases it’s simply about playing in nature like a kid.

Steven knows what it’s like to push boundaries, and is proof that living outside one’s comfort zone can pay off. At his heaviest, he tipped the scale at 365 pounds. He recalls: “I had this realization that there were a lot of things, like hiking and being outdoors, that I wanted to do, but physically couldn’t.” Today he’s a lean machine who has completed half-marathons, among other active pursuits—often with his rescue dog, Charlie, in tow. And with a degree in marine biology, it’s only natural that when he’s not on dry land, Steven is probably somewhere under water either scuba diving, snorkeling, or free diving.

These days, he’s determined to help others overcome their own challenges. “I love to take people who don’t consider themselves the ‘outdoorsy type’ and get them to see that nature can be fun. We can get dirty, we can get wet, and that’s part of the adventure!”

Guest Quote: Our guide Steven was super knowledgeable about all things Maui. He was informative, funny, and just plain likable. It was an outstanding day for all of us!

a close up of a book
a close up of a book
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