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About Sean

On a chilly Wisconsin night in 2016, Sean was standing on a downtown Milwaukee street corner waiting for his Uber ride when he suddenly realized he’d outgrown the big city life. “I knew I was ready for a change,” he recalls. “I wanted to be surrounded by nature.” Three weeks later, Sean was living and working on an organic permaculture farm on the island’s east side. “I came to Maui sight unseen,” he says. “And I have zero regrets.”

It wasn’t long before Sean began taking friends on impromptu rainforest hikes. He soon discovered he had a talent for inspiring people to reconnect with nature. “Someone asked me one day if I had ever considered a career as a hiking guide,” he says. “That’s when it clicked; I knew it’s what I wanted to do.” 

Today, Sean relishes the opportunity to share his love of nature—along with a passion for Hawai‘i’s history, culture, language and natural diversity—with his guests. “It’s a dream job in a dream place,” he says.

Guest Quote: Our guide Sean was patient, knowledgeable, funny, and overall amazing. I felt safe, and trusted Sean with my family. My five teenagers were thrilled, and had an experience of a lifetime!

a close up of a book
a close up of a book
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