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“I’m a bug nerd,” says a beaming Nicole, who earned two master’s degrees before joining Hike Maui. “My first degree specialized in insects, and the second one in marine life…I like to say I have one on land and one in the ocean.” 

Nicole landed on Maui to teach biology at University of Hawai’i Maui College, so it’s no surprise her tours are equal parts exhilarating and educational. “My two favorite things are being outside and biology, so this is like a field trip every day.” 

A lifelong learner, Nicole also speaks French, Spanish, and even a bit of Japanese. And here’s a fun fact: after years of working at the Hawai’i state legislature, Nicole ran for political office in 2014. When she’s not exploring a trail or geeking out over critters, you’ll find her salsa dancing at a local community hall. 

Guest quote: Our tour guide Nicole was extremely friendly, and offered very detailed information about the ecosystem and foliage growing on the island. We felt comfortable and safe under her guidance the entire time, and she went out of her way to ensure everyone on the trip was okay and enjoying themselves.

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