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After receiving her degree in intercultural studies from Biola University, Mila moved to Maui in 2018 for an internship at Hope Chapel in Kihei. A few months before joining the Hike Maui team, Mila was working as a barista and longing for a job that would allow her to be active outdoors. “I definitely love being outside—I think it’s important to spend time in nature to be calm and find stillness.” 

Mila enjoys educating her guests on sustainable agricultural practices, and giving advice on how to tend to their home gardens. “I enjoy meeting and connecting with people from all over the world on my tours.”

When she’s not exploring trails, Mila enjoys picnics, bonfires, camping, snorkeling, surfing, and painting with watercolors. “I paint a lot of landscapes…like beaches and forests,” she says. “Back in California I would go outside and paint en plein air (in the open air).” Though she has yet to get creative outdoors on Maui, she’s had fun hosting wine and paint nights for her friends.

Guest quote: Mila was an outstanding guide, and did everything she could to make our day perfect! She was patient, kind, informed, and encouraging. She kept our group safe, happy, and engaged.

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