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About Keoki

If you cross paths with Keoki, prepare to be spellbound. A master storyteller, he has a remarkable ability to captivate any audience. “It’s a privilege to be able to share what I know with others,” he says.

Born on O‘ahu and raised in San Francisco, Keoki studied psychology at San Jose State University, and later, group dynamics and creativity at Stanford University. After working as an organizational consultant for several top-tier companies, Keoki says it was time to come home to Hawai‘i. So he moved to Maui, where he met the legendary kumu hula and cultural ambassador Auntie Emma Sharpe. He absorbed her wisdom, and that of other Hawaiian elders—learning everything from Hawaiian history to language to traditional medicine.

Keoki joined the Hike Maui team in 2018, and he’s clearly in his element. Regardless of the day or destination, all of his tours have one thing in common: “We always have a great time,” he says.

Guest Quote: Keoki is an excellent tour guide, and he has a wonderful sense of humor! He has a wealth of knowledge of Hawaiian culture and plants. We would recommend him to anyone!

a close up of a book
a close up of a book
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