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About Jeremy a.k.a “J”

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Jeremy developed a deep respect for nature at an early age. He decided to pursue an environmental law degree at the University of Hawai‘i, but after graduation, switched gears and headed to Kaua‘i to study ethnobotany and Hawaiian herbal medicine instead. “I couldn’t see myself working in a law office surrounded by piles of paper every day,” he laughs.

Jeremy caught the teaching bug while working at the Hawai‘i Nature Center on O‘ahu. He went on to earn a master’s degree in elementary education, and taught life science to middle schoolers for several years before moving to Maui.

He continues to wear his teacher’s hat, but now as a hiking guide in a classroom without walls. “I see people at their very best when they’re in nature,” Jeremy says.

Guest Quote: We did the East Maui Waterfalls hike with Jeremy, and it was a fantastic day. Jeremy is very knowledgeable about Hawaiian culture and the botany of the area, and he threw in some surfing insight for good measure.

a close up of a book
a close up of a book
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