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Providing Unforgettable Maui Experiences Since 1983

About Eddie

If you want to know about the best surf spots on Maui, Eddie is your man. He considers Hawai’i to be surfing’s mecca. “Surfing is like my church,” he says. “It helps my mind, body, and spirit. Hawaiian waves have more power and consistency than what you see elsewhere, and they’re much bigger.”

Before becoming a Hike Maui guide, Eddie spent many years as a tile mason. But he always enjoyed sharing Maui’s natural wonders with visiting friends and family members. Nowadays, his work reflects his passion for the outdoors.

Eddie says Hike Maui is “a dream job—every day is different. I get to hike and swim, and share my knowledge of history, plants, and geology with my guests. We’re taught so much at Hike Maui, and every week I strive to learn more. Knowing about the plants makes hiking so personal. It bring you closer to nature when you understand what’s in it.”

Guest Quote: Eddie is extremely knowledgeable, and he kept us intrigued the entire hike. We were very impressed with his concern for the environment when he retrieved bits of trash left by others to take out of the rainforest.

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a close up of a book
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