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Providing Unforgettable Maui Experiences Since 1983

About Cordy

When she was a kid, Cordy and her siblings spent lazy summer afternoons jumping off waterfalls and splashing around in East Maui’s freshwater ponds—something she still does today. “I never grew out of it,” she laughs. “I still go searching for the best jumping spots.” After high school, Cordy landed an internship with the State of Hawai‘i’s trail and access program. For nearly two years, she built rock walls, pulled weeds, and cleared downed trees.

Today, as a hiking guide, Cordy says she’s honored to share her island home with her guests. “It’s my kuleana [responsibility] to pass my knowledge on to others,” she explains. “Every day is an opportunity to teach people the meaning of aloha.” Cordy’s expertise, combined with her easygoing personality, make every hike a memorable experience.

When Cordy isn’t out leading a hike, you’ll likely find her swimming in a chilly freshwater stream surrounded by her nieces and nephews. “I’ve always loved being outside,” she says. “And I always will.”

Guest Quote: I can’t say enough about our guide Cordy. She was born and raised on Maui, and is so knowledgeable about the plants. She is enthusiastic without being corny or fake.

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