I heard that a Robin Lim won the 2011 CNN Hero of the Year, and i scratched my head, thinking, i knew a Robin Lim 20 years ago on Maui. I lost track of Robin when she moved to Bali, and now she reappears as a world-famous “hero.” Wow. I’m so thrilled for her. She was always a gentle soul, interested in babies, birthing, writing and animals. She now has two birthing clinics in Bali and in Aceh and is truly making a difference.

One of our guides, Sonya, who is also interested in babies and birthing, visited Robin’s Balinese clinic. Sonya hopes to open a clinic in Maui some day. Read the CNN story (in the html file above) and watch a short clip of Robin winning on CNN’s big extravaganza show. The whole show airs again on CNN Christmas night. ~ mj harden