Most Maui visitors want to know when they should see Haleakala: At sunrise or at sunset.  These Hike Maui guides might say that the answer is, “Yes!”On the day this photo was taken, these Hike Maui guides were continuing their extracurricular exploration of the Haleakala Crater. They had  just completed Kaupo Gap — a 17-mile […]

It’s fall here on Maui, which means that we’re watching geese fly in v-formation, and our winter flip-flops–or “slippers,” as they say in Hawaii–are on deck for roughing it during those sub-80-degree days.  Luckily, the expert hiking guides that lead Hike Maui guests through the rainforests will still have no trouble finding wild fruits along […]

A crew of Hike Maui guides took the day off from guiding visitors to explore two remote valleys on our own –Dustin, Dylan, Kate, UlaUla with owners mj & Ken. There were numerous waterfalls, but “Fairy Falls” floored us all. We were flabbergasted to see this canyon with waterfalls dripping down from high above.

Guide Nicholas has his first baby boy! He is hysterically happy that all went well for Mom Catherine and Baby Jackson Nicholas. Born March 27, 2012. He’s ready to get him out hiking already.  

Guide Glori & Mom Chris Glori & Chris joined rappelling manager Dave & owner mj on a whale kayak trip. We paddled out early in the a.m. off Olowalu and saw plenty of humpbacks. We paddled quite far out. Then we went across the street and had pie and coffee at our friend Michael Moore’s […]

Here’s fabulous Dustin, a new Hawaiian guide born and raised on Maui, who had somehow never spent time in Haleakala Crater. So, for his first serious trip, he decided to go up Kaupo Gap! Yikes. That’s 19 miles up, up, up all day long. Guides Kahi, UlaUla and i all went up the gap a […]

Happy hiking through the holidaze. “A DAY AT THE OFFICE”  HIKE MAUI STYLE   Many thanks to Guide Kate for her spirited modeling. She is hilarious, even while wet and soggy. No Photoshop – she is standing under that 40-foot falls. “PAU HANA” ( means “off work” or “TGIF”)

  These seven characters just did the 12-mile Haleakala Crater hike on a day so cloudless and beautiful we were all screaming for joy. Guides Dylan, Jeremy and Erik are now full-fledged crater guides, and Maka’io has one more training to do. Eddie, Glori and Hanalei are new guides who came along just for fun. […]

Bottom left: Dawn, Eddie, Pali, Robynne & dog Ulu Middle: Glori Top: Hanalei & Dustin Five of the seven were born on Maui, four are Hawaiian, one grew up in the jungle near Hana, one is a part-time windsurfing instructor. They were all great students, so eager to learn and so easy to work with. We […]