Most Maui visitors want to know when they should see Haleakala: At sunrise or at sunset.  These Hike Maui guides might say that the answer is, “Yes!”On the day this photo was taken, these Hike Maui guides were continuing their extracurricular exploration of the Haleakala Crater. They had  just completed Kaupo Gap — a 17-mile […]

Makes you want to say “HaleakalAH!” If you’ve always wanted to explore mighty Haleakalā–East Maui’s gigantic dormant volcano–but have never experienced its top-of-the-world views and profoundly still atmosphere, there are a few things to know about this beloved hiking and sightseeing location.   Today the pros at Hike Maui will share with you a few […]

When booking a trip, guests usually ask us what they should wear and bring with them for their hike. For the Island-Savvy, In-the-Know Traveler Now at the Hike Maui Online Satellite Store The answer depends on the trip they’re taking (ask us for specifics), the good news being that taking a hike with us doesn’t […]

Here’s fabulous Dustin, a new Hawaiian guide born and raised on Maui, who had somehow never spent time in Haleakala Crater. So, for his first serious trip, he decided to go up Kaupo Gap! Yikes. That’s 19 miles up, up, up all day long. Guides Kahi, UlaUla and i all went up the gap a […]

Guides Dylan, Erik and Jeremy are continuing their exploration of the Crater. They recently did the 12-mile hike from the Summit at 10,000 feet across the crater floor and then out the 8,500-foot level on the Halemau’u Trail. Now they’ve just completed the Kaupo Gap — a 17-mile trek that started at 5 am in […]