Guide Glori & Mom Chris Glori & Chris joined rappelling manager Dave & owner mj on a whale kayak trip. We paddled out early in the a.m. off Olowalu and saw plenty of humpbacks. We paddled quite far out. Then we went across the street and had pie and coffee at our friend Michael Moore’s […]

Guides Dylan, Erik and Jeremy are continuing their exploration of the Crater. They recently did the 12-mile hike from the Summit at 10,000 feet across the crater floor and then out the 8,500-foot level on the Halemau’u Trail. Now they’ve just completed the Kaupo Gap — a 17-mile trek that started at 5 am in […]

For those who read the May 20th post about our hand-fed “dumpster” kittens, all four found great homes. Well, of course we had to keep one ourselves — a feisty girl named “Io.” That means “hawk” in Hawaiian, but, actually, we named her after one of the moons of Jupiter, which, with 400-some active volcanoes, […]

April 29th – found four tiny kittens near Hike Maui’s dumpster. It’s a hot area, so we don’t know how they survived. They were dehydrated, crying and dying. Their eyes not yet open, their hearing not yet working, they were like little squirming worms. Two brown girls and two black boys. They showed no trace […]