Today is the last Monday in May, or, Memorial Day. It’s the day that Americans say to those who have fallen while serving in the US armed forces: We remember you, we honor your memory, we thank you. On Oahu, the Lantern Floating Hawaii event is a beautiful way to recognize those who sacrificed their […]

Most Maui visitors want to know when they should see Haleakala: At sunrise or at sunset.  These Hike Maui guides might say that the answer is, “Yes!”On the day this photo was taken, these Hike Maui guides were continuing their extracurricular exploration of the Haleakala Crater. They had  just completed Kaupo Gap — a 17-mile […]

When some people first hear about a Hike Maui adventure, they flash back to a show they saw on Nat Geo about a trek through Nepal, where several beasts of burden and a sherpa helped a party of anthropologists through the eye of a needle.  Wait! Relax! You don’t have to be a world-class athlete […]

Several years ago, there was one of those emails making the rounds about keeping a Bounce dryer sheet tucked into your gardening hat, in the pockets of your shorts, into your socks, to keep the bugs away while enjoying an evening game of croquet or frolicking in the tall grass.  When mentioned at dinner with […]

If you believe that a big part of success is “showing up,” as Woody Allen once wrote, you might believe that another big part of success is preparation.  Here at Hike Maui, we live, play and work with people who take vacations seriously. And why wouldn’t people consider adventuring serious business?  After the time, money, […]

The first thing that most Maui visitors discover upon landing is that they’ve packed too much.  Maybe you brought your fancy pants for a nice dinner out, your favorite eyeshadow palette, a pair of your best goggles and hair care products worthy of Pele herself, but then you discover just moments into your journey that […]

Today we say thanks. Not just for our surroundings in beautiful, magical Maui, but for all of you: The people who share so much with us during your visits over the years.  Today we remind ourselves that it’s that time that matters, and the stories.   Stories that serve as the soundtrack behind some of the […]

Makes you want to say “HaleakalAH!” If you’ve always wanted to explore mighty Haleakalā–East Maui’s gigantic dormant volcano–but have never experienced its top-of-the-world views and profoundly still atmosphere, there are a few things to know about this beloved hiking and sightseeing location.   Today the pros at Hike Maui will share with you a few […]

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints” is the shorthand most Mauians use to encourage practices that minimize visitor impact on natural places and the island environment in general.  The footprint part is easy;  just follow your hiking guide’s example of walking Maui’s nature trails with aloha.  If you do bring well-worn hiking shoes, boots or […]

Good day, Maui lovers.  Today, Hike Maui World HQ is encouraging you to vote early (but not often) on a completely different matter.  If you’re up for taking a short vacation from political pageantry and the seriousness of the election year, welcome to this month’s survey, where we ask you, The Internet, to weigh in […]