Erik was guiding a family of five on our Hana Full-day Watersfalls & Rainforest Hike. On their way down from the 400-foot falls, they found a couple in trouble. Sandy Gavin had fallen, dislocating her ankle and breaking her leg in two places. Her husband Pat was struggling with the injury, so good Samaritan Erik jumped in to help these strangers along the path. He splinted and wrapped her leg, then came up with the idea to carry her to safety sitting on a bamboo pole held on each side by Erik and his clients. It was not an easy task maneuvering a giant bamboo pole down a narrow, muddy trail. Our clients, this family of five, were really eager to help. Kudos to them.

Sandy says she and Pat had followed Erik and his group up the trail, and “were very impressed by Erik’s knowledge and his enthusiasm for his job and his clients.” ¬†Everyone says that about Erik, we have to admit. He is irrepressible (and very very smart — speaks Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese for starters).

Little did she know as she followed behind Erik that she would soon be meeting him in the worst way. She wrote us: “He made me feel like a queen when he made me a crown out of fern fronds to add to my hat. He is more than just a tour guide — he was our savior.”

Hike Maui Guide saves tourist
Here’s Erik – dripping wet from jumping off a waterfall.