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Waterfall wonderland
where the giant falls are...

Hana Full-Day Waterfalls & Rain Forest Hike

Maui's ultimate waterfall wonderland- an area still described as "old Hawai‘i."

  • Hike 4.5 miles in Maui's national park.
  • Sometimes called "Seven Sacred Pools," but it is so much more -- a network of pools and cascading waterfalls.
  • Waterfalls: 45-foot, 200-foot, 400-foot and more.
  • Acres of towering bamboo and a huge rain forest.
  • Hana Hwy: Drive the famous road with us, 2.5-hr. drive from central Maui.
  • Circle around East Maui on the van ride to and from the trailhead.
  • Lunch and snacks included.


11 hours from Central Maui
4.5 miles
minimum 8 years old
$189.00 + tax

Hana Full-Day Waterfalls Rain Forest Hike
hike seven sacred pools in maui