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Dreamy twilight sunset hues
at the highest peak of Maui

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Haleakala At Sunset

Take in the spectacular sights of the Haleakala Summit at sunset in this unique and unhurried afternoon-to-evening excursion. This 10,000 foot peak is touted for being the place to watch the sun rise and set.

  • No need to rise before dawn—tours begin in the afternoon and end in time to catch a leisurely dinner. It’s the perfect end to a day on Maui.
  • A picturesque easy walk along high-altitude trails and paths featuring some of the most photography-worthy scenery on the island.
  • View the crater and upcountry Maui in full daylight at the beginning of the trip, and in dreamy twilight hues at the end.
  • Great for nature lovers and stargazers alike.
  • Healthy snacks and water included.


3-4 hours
1 mile
minimum 4 years old
$150.00 + tax (includes pickup)

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haleakala sunset tour